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Need good technology content 01 But don’t have the time to create it                                   Our SMEs are too busy 02 And firms and copywriters don’t have the expertise Why not have a Professional technology journalist write for you 03 They have the expertise and time                                          

Welcome To TechJournalists is a consortium of leading technology writers that have worked directly for the most widely regarded business and technology trade media in the world. Many of the literal who’s who in technology journalism continues to do freelance work for these media outlets. This group of talent is available to you to write, present, review and broadcast.

How it works?

Simple Steps to Success


If you need some content developed, sign up and log in


Fill out the intake form (only available for members)


Our writers are notified that a new project is available


You will be contacted directly by writers who have the time and experience


Writers will provide their bio and links to related written articles

For TechJournalists does not collect or provide your information to anyone. You’ll be notified when new projects are listed directly on your mobile device or you can check our listings. If you are interested, just hit the “I’m interested” button and your bio and samples are sent directly to the vendor requesting the content. You’ll be notified when the story has been assigned.

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For Vendors

Need seasoned writers to cover a specific story, but don’t have the resources at the moment?  Are your subject matter experts too busy or your copyrighters lacking the experience of real experts. Post your story on our portal and pick your journalist. It’s likely someone who’s industry stories you have read in a business or trade magazine?

What Our Customers Are Saying

TechJournalists is the real deal

Any media outlet or technology vendor understands the challenges associated with producing authentic, engaging content on topics readers care about the most. The team at helps us connect with quality journalists with the technical chops we need to generate share-worthy articles week after week.
Megan Sawle
Megan Sawle, Head of Product Marketing and Analyst Relations at LogicGate