For Vendors/Publishers or Agencies

Who owns the content?

Once the vendor pays the journalist, they own the rights to the content.

How do I price my project?

The vendor/publisher sets the fee.  They fill out our intake form which includes word count, interviews needed (if any), etc.  Generally, fees are anywhere between $1-$3 per word. Necessary interviews also need to be considered. 

What if a content project isn’t accepted by a journalist?

Chances are you set the price too low. TechJournalists.com does provide vendors/publishers with project selection advice upon sign up.  Prices can be adjusted.

What if I don’t like the content received?

You’ll see writing samples from the journalist before you select them.  Only select journalists who appear to have the expertise you need or the writing style you prefer.

Do I need to provide writers with tax forms and NDA?

Upon engagement of a journalist, vendors should send an NDA, if sensitive information is being relayed. Tax forms should be handled the same way you do with other subcontractors.

Who gets credit for the writing when done?

That’s up to the vendor and the journalist.  Some projects can include the writer’s name, others can be ghost written.  They are noted on the intake form and on the assignment seen by the journalist before acceptance.

Do they do graphics too?

Our services and journalist criteria are based solely on writing.

Can I use TechJournalists.com for advertising or sales content?

The writers in our consortium are journalists who write for media outlets. The focus of their work is news-related content. There are many good copywriters and companies that produce content who can fill this role at reasonable rates. You can try to post that information. However, our writers typically don’t prefer to write this kind of material.

Can I see a list of the writers in the consortium?

Our list is confidential. You will receive a profile and writing samples from writers who respond to your project request. You can decide who to use from there.

For TechJournalists

Who pays me?

TechJournalists.com simply connects the companies/publishers who need content with the writers who can create it. Payment will come directly from the vendor/publisher assigning the project.

What if I am not seeing the material I typically write about or I have a conflict with an existing client?

You accept only the projects that meet your comfort level and bandwidth. Don’t accept an assignment unless it’s a good fit.  Be patient. There are many opportunities here.

What if I don't get paid or they take too long?

The vendor’s account on TechJournalist will be frozen until accounts have been properly settled.